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aspirator chirurgical eurovac h-90 hersill

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Aspirator chirurgical eurovac h-90 hersill Spania 90 litri minut.

Pompele de aspirație chirurgicale EuroVac® H-90 sunt pompe de aspirație electrice, de vid înalt și de debit mare, concepute ca dispozitive de aspirație pentru sălile de operație unde este necesară o capacitate de aspirație ridicată și un răspuns rapid.

Monoblock chassis concept design in high-density polyethylene, scratch and impact resistant.
Four Ø80 mm: one anti-static and two with brakes.
High flow, long lasting, double piston-cylinder type vacuum pump (until 90 L/min). Oil free, non-maintenance required.
Precise high-vacuum gauge: 0-100 kPa (0-760 mmHg). High-visibility, Ø63 mm.
Precise, steady suction pressure-regulating knob.
Collection jar with overflow safety valve, in polysulfone or polycarbonate of 4 L (useful capacity 3.5 L). Possibility of using 1 or 2 suction jars. Collection jar support EN ISO 19054:2005.
Available with supports compatible with the main disposable canisters.
Selector knob for double collection jar exchange, 2 settings (right and left) provided with a filter device for each collection jar, with additional nipple outputs for direct tubing connection.
Hydrophobic bacteria filter, made in PTFE. With 99% particle retention and 99,99% bacterial challenge efficiency. With PVC or silicone suction tube.
ON/OFF switch.
3 m electric cable housing.
ON/OFF foot-operated pedal included and additional installation for an extra optional regulating pressure pedal.