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PRODIGY is an innovative, electrically controlled hospital bed. At the core of its unique design is the patient’s safety. This assumption underlies many aspects, which effectively minimises the risk of complications and increases the efficiency of medical treatments and operations.

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PRODIGY combines the attention to the patient’s safety with its exceptional two-level alarm system. The system of sensors located in several parts of the bed continuously monitors reading results, activating the alarm in potentially hazardous situations.
Due to difficult working conditions in the Intensive Care Unit environment, the alarm is signalled both acoustically and with light pulses, which reduces the time necessary for noticing and reacting properly.The system detects many hazardous states, such as leaving of the bed by the patient, low battery level or inactive wheel locking gear.
Tehnical data:
Bed length 2280 mm
Total bed width with side rails 965 mm
Maximum bed’s height
815 ± 20 mm
755 ± 20 mm
Minimum bed’s height
435 ± 20 mm
455 ± 20 mm
Back rest segment inclination 70 ± 3°
Thigh rest segment inclination 40 ± 3°
Trendelenburg position 15°/12°
Reverse-Trendelenburg position 15°/12°
Permissible load 250 kg